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This is Snehil Singh - Masters Graduate from EDHEC and Bachelors from Manipal

Hello, my name is

Snehil Singh

Welcome to my fortress of solitude.

I am a digital geek, web enthusiast, and data wizard with a strong inclination towards project management. I love everything about numbers, data, and trends.

I created this website to showcase my past professional experiences, projects, and achievements. I have tried to demonstrate my technical expertise as well as business acumen. Onboard through my journey to explore how I can be an awesome member of your team.

And how about we grab a coffee later to start something great? Or are you a tea person?

Adding icing to the cake, I am also an awesome photographer. You can check out my clicks at photography portfolio. Plus, life gets pretty boring without eye-catching graphics, so check out my designs at the freelance portfolio.