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About Snehil Singh

About Snehil Singh

I am also known as Snehil Ranvir Singh. My friends do call me Rockstar because of my immense interest in music.

For the world, I am a recent graduate from the dual degree MIM - Business Management + M.Sc. in Strategy, Consulting & Digital Transformation from EDHEC Business School, France. Secretly, I design cool websites, do stunning photoshoots, and travel the world.

Currently, I am on the lookout for my ideal job role - one that is "All things Digital". I am specifically looking to work on the management of digital platforms, CRMs, Product Management and provide internal advisory services to other teams. I love to collaborate and extend my knowledge capabilities through excellent communication and negotiation skills.

Why Digital? Why the obsession with Data? Scroll down to know more about my interesting story!


My Life

Born and brought up in a middle-class family from India, I had a very prosperous upbringing by relocating and living in 12 different Indian states. I experienced an amazing childhood by interacting with varied cultures, learning multiple languages, and blending with people from diverse backgrounds.

I was fascinated by the world of computers as a kid. I evolved my know-how in learning by experimenting with system hardware. I then progressed to become a computer engineer from MIT, Manipal. I developed my leadership acumen further hereby representing the college at different national and state level competitions and won many accolades.

Fascinated by the entrepreneurship ecosystem, I freelanced and launched a small-scale digital agency startup in the field of web design/ development, social media marketing, content management, and all things Digital! I worked as a freelancer for over 3 years then and still take interesting and challenging projects in my free time.

I understood way back that the technical aspect is only one facet of how companies work and I wanted to study more about the other, the business perspective. Thus, I moved on for my business studies in France.

I believe in the simple fact that almost everything around us has been built by humans and if it exists, it's possible! With this vision, I say that I am a practical and pedagogical person who loves to take on challenges at each step and learn from them. Success or failure is a part of life, the most important thing is to never give up and keep trying.

Personal Information


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Paris, France

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What I Do

Digital Marketing

3+ years of experience in web development, designing, web analytics, social media marketing, and project management that amaze the clients right away.

Strategic Planning

Capability to solve real-life problems based on complex logic and critical reasoning and present the optimized solution to extend team potential.

Data Analysis

Competent in web scraping, building reports, and analytical dashboards to uncover hidden insights that are relevant to the business.

Digital Transformation

Initiate and implement end-to-end solutions, change management methodologies, and advisory projects for internal and external stakeholders.







Fun Facts

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