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3 Years of Freelance Experience


An overview of my resume

I know the resume is a one-pager quick summary to highlight my past journey. But I have so much more to say. I have aspired to grow beyond my typical responsibilities to help my teams and colleagues in the long run. I have endeavored to learn continuously and build upon my skills. On this page, you can find a detailed overview of my education, past roles, certifications, competencies, and much more.


Apr 2021 - Jan 2024

Allianz Partners, Paris, France

Product Owner + Digital Project Manager

As a member of the Digital Marketing team, I managed the email marketing solution as the Business Application Owner for all Allianz Partners Business units. My primary responsibility was to manage and faciliate the requirement eliciation for 40+ operational entities. Alongside, I worked as the Product Owner of the brand new travel planner platform of Allianz Partners that helps travelers at each stage of their journey.

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I joined EY services to work on my master thesis on the future of banking. Alongside the main subject line, I also performed end-to-end consulting market research studies. I gathered data by web scraping review websites & social media and then conducted quantitative analysis and deep-dived to elaborate on gaps using basic semantic and sentiment analysis to present recommendations.

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As a member of the Digital Marketing Suite team, my work involved providing internal advisory solutions to 25+ BUs globally to strengthen the digital capabilities and specifically, the website analytics. It deeply revolved around agile project management as I was the point of contact for 150 accounts and 8 website launches. Simultaneously, I also led the launch of 3 behavioral analytics products that are helping reshape the digital journey of Allianz Partners globally.

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As a marketing specialist, I was responsible for optimizing the CRM of the EMEA region. I also helped the marketing and finance team to consolidate their clients' data and introduce technological improvements to extend their digital capabilities. I also worked on ad-hoc tasks such as graphic designing and developing mailing lists and email marketing as side-projects.

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Freelancer Portfolio

Curiosity is a weird thing! Being an eager and innovative person led me to get involved outside my conventional job life. I started working as a freelancer during the 3rd year of my bachelors and since have worked with over 20 clients in various industries. I got hands-on experience working with web technologies, web analytics, digital marketing, database administration, and more.

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Working with one of the biggest companies in the world, my duties involved providing sales solutions to clients in the North American region. I was responsible to audit monthly sales reports and provide any feedback to the team for strategic improvements.

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Joining one of the biggest firms in India, I worked on developing end-to-end software solutions for telecom clients based in UK and US. This gave me a chance to not only improve my coding skills and programming knowledge but also hone my people skills by daily interactions with the clients from understanding the requirements to delivering large-scale solutions.

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Sep 2019 - Oct 2020

EDHEC Business School, Lille, France

MSc in Strategy, Consulting & Digital Transformation (Grande École)

During the MSc, I chose Strategy Definition & Competitive Intelligence as the minor because of my interest in performing competitive analysis studies in my past roles and I wished to further gain a deeper perspective in this field. Also, this specialization offered an integrated pragmatic course in Digital Marketing Strategy, which highly interests me.

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To achieve my 5 year-long goal, I finally took the big step of joining EDHEC Business School for my business studies that taught me the core skills in strategy, marketing, and project management. The program gave me a clearer picture of what goes within a company to keep the business flourishing. Apart from academics, I also got a chance to hone my innate leadership skills in an international environment.

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Being an Indian, becoming an engineer is inevitable. But unlike many, I actually loved the language of computers and data. Hence, I joined MIT Manipal for the 4-year undergraduate course studying various courses such as data structures, networks, databases, etc. Now, as a computer science engineer, I hold expertise over the technical aspects of a project/ business and contribute to the bigger picture.

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