Cultural/ Association


India - A country with rich culture, heritage, food and people with open hearts. A country where every festival, no matter how small or big, is celebrated with a bang. Indians all over the world are known for their energy, warm welcome and ofcourse Bollywood. With this vision, EDHEC India was founded.

EDHEC India is the first Indian Association at EDHEC. It was formed to spread the rich culture and heritage of India amongst people of other nationalities at EDHEC Campus in Lille in 2017. It all started with a group of 7 seven people. I, along with my friends, did something no-one ever thought of doing before. We formed an Indian association, celebrated India's biggest festival - the festival of lights "Diwali" and recorded the highest participation of students in a cultural event on campus in the history of EDHEC.

With the help of the college authorities, the International Student Office (ISO) head Mme. Céline MARSY, the then respected Student Director Mr. Bruno MAYEUR, Director of M1 Mme. Christine COISNE, the Indian community and students from all over the world, celebrated Diwali at EDHEC for the first time.

Some of the notable memories of this festival were:

  • This one deserves to be at the top. We made the Student Director dance to the Bollywood music.
  • A great evening filled with the story of Diwali, welcome dance, Bollywood music, Indian snacks, games and finally the crackers.(just a small show but that was a historical moment.)
  • Each and every person in that hall had a beautiful tilaka on their forehead and everyone was dressed in the Indian attire.
  • A home away from home.

The mantle of EDHEC India was passed down to the batch of 2018 and the students proudly upheld the pride and culture once again.